torstai 6. heinäkuuta 2017

Africal dance, waysof living and ways of thinking

This just came to my mind when watching a photograpf of an African pair.
DoesAfrican dance find it's styles from the different ways of life the person dancing uses in his or her daily life, kind of relaxed for something and deeply thinking for something else, atmospheric maybe in cool, etc. ?
And those with this piece of skill would give rise to a good way of thinking, to similarly variating way of doing and ways of thinking, like practical, feeling, idealistic, etc :

A quotation from my long (very important) text about healthy natural ages of ways of living and doing
"110. The point of view of some men is very much according to education, kind of narrow and not so intelligent, not adapting to situations and not understanding the rest of the life in the society. It would be good to vary one's way of doing and one's way to approach things according to common sense and according to the situation: sometimes it is good to be practical, sometimes one needs a good memory, or educated thinking, common sense, motion, feelings or whatever suits the situation. Likewise when working it is good to notice the landscape of life at large with it'sphenomena: with it's social contacts, happenings, journeys, approaching holidays etc. Like that one can train one's common sense and one's understanding about life.
This way a more skilled person can learn to vary the rythm of writing on computer keyboard, so that one feels somehow more comfortable and the sound is nicer, better suited to other things to do and to listening one's own views."
Observe: these are quite slight variations in emphazies, not areas of total concentration while neglecting other things.

About learning thinking skills, see my blog and more about intelligence in Finnish alnguage at .