perjantai 29. syyskuuta 2017

Feeling very good from motion

"I treid to find some Brasilian media or sports site.
I have been for a few years interested in Brasilian culture and been
surprised to notice that even though Brasilians look positive, skilled
and feeling, they don't feel so very well. Today I figured out the
reason fior that and how to correct that. Brasilians are very good at
fine coordination which they do both at the outer reaches of their
body and all the way from the body center at stomach, like as if they
were painting. (But many painters are even lousier, so don't mix tyhem
with this.) That is an artificial non-instinctual way to coordinate
body according to the sense of sight. We here in Finland have a very
different climate, which is much more beneficial for being speedy and
active. Our way of fine coordination would propably suit also other
climates and it is very natural and brings lots of well-being: Be very
natural, very emotional naturally at the stomach area and near it, so
that you can move only roughly, like right or forward or left or
backwards. So you did not disturb your body center, emotions or
naturality at all: they determined the exact way fo moving and exact
direction. Then take your social eye and your sense of atmoshpheres
along: which social styles are naturally possible for you right now:
choose from them the exact form of the outer parts of your body and
roughly the form of the parts at middle distance from the center
outwards. So you can go for example a little bit bold and protecting
so feelings, being sturdy. At the same time atmospoheric and via that
thinking skills and fine mechanics, which alters the movements
slightly at the center, somewhat at the outer reaches. And for example
liking or taking social dastance, which also determines movements. Or
like with basic skills only or with emotional strenght of high skill.
One can get one's experinece of life to sing, just about always:
With good wiushes from Finland,"

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