tiistai 26. syyskuuta 2017

"To dance like a puppet on a string"

What people who are not dance enthusiasts themselves often claim dance but what is in fact not dance but forcing and slavery is to make a person "dance" like a puppet on a string. That is not what dance enthusiasts are for. That is not what is meant by dance. Dance is a form of self-expression, typical wish for the highly skilled who do not get enough room in average level of understanding. The stupid often demand also rigid body and staying long times sitting, standing quite unmoving, or the like. Such does not lkeave enough room for the intelligent and skilled.

Puppet is a doll, not alive. Itis moved by the one who plays with it. If it moves nicely, some may say that it is as if it danced on the strings. But that is describing it with the help of forefigure in dance, and not the other way around: puppet on a string is not a form of dance and not a forefigure for dance!

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